V/A: Death Metal 4xCDr

anarchofreaksproduction AFP 015, 2010. 20 copies.

This massive wall box set brings together 4 HNW artists into one massive wall marathon not to be missed.

Concrete Threat offers an hour long slab of unchanging, hissing wall. The track really displays the guttural, ripping qualities that can be achieved with the DOD Death Metal pedal.

White Gimp Mask opens up his disc with a wall that centers around a constant buzzing, almost as if something were to be electrocuted, or grounded incorrectly. The buzzing plants the track firmly- creating a massive base to the track. Surrounding the buzz is a sort of swirling inconsistant hiss that seems to have two parts to it- a high-end scraping and pulling, and a lower-end vortex of circular void, dragging along into nothing. The wall remains unchanging until the final few seconds, when it begins to slowly wind down into a low-end rumble before cutting off into the next track.

The second untitled White Gimp Mask track picks up in a similar sonic vein, a boosted-mids wall, this time without the buzz. Instead, an almost constant bobbling or rattling like sound takes the foreground in the track. It slowly gains a little more high-end within the first two minutes. It then becomes another stagnant, massive slab of thick, unrelenting wall. Around the 21 minute mark some very huge bass rumbles interrupt the otherwise unmoving wall before returning to the same constant static. Within the last few seconds the bass subsides and the track is reduced to nothing.

Dead Body Collection fills his disc with an hour and two minute long cut of blown out-bass style wall. Like White Gimp Mask's disc, there is a nice contrast between low rumbles and high static. The track stays firm throughout the whole hour with very little variation. Towards the 50 minute mark the higher pitched static becomes ever-so-slightly more intense and wild, thrashing and wailing about before abruptly coming to an end. Silence becomes deafening.

Å's disc opens up with 'Rest', a feedback laden wall that consists of a central high-pitched drone, with plenty of static crackle on top. Following suit with the other tracks, it remains constant with little to no variation. It is a different approach to wall, and a challenging listen. The track smoothly transitions into 'In'.

The feedback is cut, and like White Gimp Mask's first track, a constant buzzing takes its place. Mid to low-end rumble joins the scooped-mids buzzing for another 20 minute assault that fades into 'Peace'.

This track has a bit more gain and high end than 'In', but still continues with the same mid to low-end rumble. From time to time the higher end static becomes extremely dense and then fades back to its original form.

The smoothness of the transitions between tracks sounds like they could be strung together as one piece, which, assuming the title "Rest In Piece' was the intent. The intentionality of breaking the mammoth wall into three parts and adding variations into each is a great execution.

The photography on the front is well executed and looks pro. The DOD Death Metal mini instruction manual is a nice touch/nice read while digesting the disc. The pin, a knob from the Death Metal pedal with HNW typeset above is also a nice touch. My only complaint with packaging is that more could have been done with the discs (sprayed, screened, etc) instead of the minimal marking on the white discs. The contrast between the dark cover and the white discs is a bit distracting, but other than that a solid release.

Overall this box set takes some time to digest- 4 hours of DOD Death Metal worshiping, monolithic, lifeless HNW. Slowly it creeps into your head and over the four discs spirals your sanity into nothing. Long live DOD Death Metal. Long live DEATH METAL V/A 4xCDr.