Bizarre Uproar: Filthy Communions 2005-2009

TURGID ANIMAL, TA488, 300 copies

Bizarre Uproar's Filthy Communions gathers various live actions from 2005-2009 onto one disc. The disc itself is pro-pressed and comes with self-depreciating, fecal-fetish photos and live shots.

The disc opens with 'Winter 2009 Lepakkomies, Helsinki', amplified arabic chants are joined by and followed by Pasi's long-delay vocals, shouting, and screaming, layered with plenty of hiss and subtle metal abuse. As the chants fade in and out, the metal and junk abuse, along with the vocals, build. Stronger. More intense. Thriving. Disgusting, filthy feedback violence. Pulsing in and out. The chanting finally fades. A steady beat grows, beating itself into the ground. Pasi's screams intensify, the anger, hate, intensity only getting stronger. The vocals subside and only the mechanical pulse is left. Each time it hits it grows stronger, like a thousand kicks to the stomach, only getting worse as time goes on. The pulsing also fades, and a chunky static takes its place. Like sticking a synth in a frying pan, it boils and bubbles and carries on. It glitches before cutting out.

"Winter 2009 Helsinki Bunker" opens with an upbeat old tune with deep male vocals, almost a marching, celebratory song. The old song fades and slap-back vocals and feedback kick in. The shouting turns to screaming, the feedback low-pitched and only reaching higher frequencies before the screaming begins. Eventually a mechanical rhythmic thud begins under the vocals. It chugs along for a bit before gaining a bit of momentum. The pulsing fades and a swirl of concentrated static is joined by distant non-reverberated vocals, which quickly gain distant reverb. The old track makes a second appearance, slowed down like molasses.

"Autumn 2008 Helsinki Bunker" starts off with stuttering heavy electronics and deeply buried vocals. The vocals slowly make their way to the forefront and become more intense. The track chugs along with the vocals coming and going. Eventually around the 7:50 mark the chugging fades and feedback and contact mic abuse take over. The rawness and gritty textures of the contact-mic'ing are a nice touch. The distortion fades as well and only pure amplified contact mic'ed sounds are left. Sound clips of a childs song are briefly heard before powerful shouting starts, all the while over the pure contact mic'ed sounds. The contact mic'ing stops and only the sample of the childrens song is heard before piercing feedback shrieks begin tearing and ripping ear drums. Reverb-drenched talking is followed by deep static, almost HNW rumble. Again feedback joins the rumble, followed by vocals. All of these elements swirling around in a sick disgusting mess of blown out bliss before fading out.

"Autumn 2007 Rio De Janero, Plano B" is a lower quality track, with a constant mic buzz from the recorder overtop of the recording. It starts off with static, junk, and contact mic abuse with vocals disbursed throughout. It continues, cutting in and out randomly. The static cuts off, and what sounds like marching is heard under the vocals. It almost sounds as if the marching is being recorded through a contact mic, and inside a barrel. The forceful static continues to cut in and out. The marching cuts out and harsh vocals and squealing commence. The squealing turns into machine-gun blasts of choppy feedback, 1000 bullets per minute, rapid fire.

"Winter 2006 Helsinki Factory" opens with chains on metal scraping, throwing, violent abuse. Feedback and echoing static begin to slowly form and pulse. Vocals are greeted by low, bass atmospheres and swirling, phased out oscillations. More chain abuse- a nice touch. Definitely the most diverse track of the bunch. Vocals and chains, the grey sound of the oscillators/feedback/static and the crisp juxtaposition of the chains over top.

This disc gives a decent glimpse into the live sound of Bizarre Uproar and the reverse evolution of the act's stage presence. Some of the sets were a bit more diverse than others, but overall the disc was unrelenting. Pure filthy electronics and chain abuse. Great for those searching for current straight up power electronics acts that are still chugging out solid releases.