C.C.C.C.: Live At Velvet Sun CS


The cassette opens up with a deep power drone with angelic vocals and contrasting harsh electronics- moving and crushing at the same time. Both the vocals fade along with the drone and all that is left is a static his and mid-range crunchy gurgle before moving into a pulsating, churning, glitchy background. The transitions between sounds are well executed and not awkward at all. Oscillators wail and scream while heaps of garbage toss and turn in the background.

A near wall begins to form before cutting out- coming back quieter, moving, chopping, hissing. The sounds become increasingly more dense. The high pitched electronics provide a nice range of depth over the grey wall beneath. All I can keep imagining is a submarine being hit by a torpedo- waves of water cascading in- bursting. Faster and faster the water pours into the sinking vessel. Sirens roar and warn the doomed passengers of their premature death.

The pouncing of the wall in parts creates a powerful almost kick-drum pouding- heavy, unrelenting. Again the water starts pouring in- harder, and more intense. Reverb soaked ghostly hollow sounds begin to moan and subside. The water is filling the vessel higher and higher.

Monotonous moaning begins before cutting off- the water pounds once more and fades into higher pitched oscillator shrieks. Feedback. Agony. Harsh noise blasts and more feedback. Bring the feedback.
Intense screaming can be heard briefly before they turn into reverberated moaning. More feedback. Subtle oscillations. And then the wall fades once more. A less than perfect drone is accompanied by more vocals that grow farther and farther away. Strung out reverberated blasts turn into electronic oscillator abuse. Everything becomes more and more distant.
All that's left is oscillators that turn more and more cosmic before fading into nothing.

A fantastic deep journey into the harsh realm of CCCC. For fans of ASTRO, HNW, and general synth abuse. HIGHLY recommended.