False Flag is Justin Marc Lloyd (Pregnant Spore, Dim Dusk Moving Gloom, Rainbow Bridge) channeling pure hatred in traditional power electronics form. Harsh, unrelenting, nihilistic sound is pummeled and forced through speakers and crammed deep down into your ear canals.

Fuck echo, delay, and any other cosmic sounds that you might find in one of his other projects. Replace that with static, hiss, and ripping electronics that leave the listener gasping for air-- or revenge. Reverb is used tastefully- in some tracks it is present, and in others not. In the tracks that do have this reverb, it creates an even colder and tense atmosphere.

While some tracks remind me of Japanese Harsh noise more than power electronics, the vocals align the project more into the PE field. The cut/distorted vocal style of "Stand Down" is a nice take and an interesting dynamic, that still brings the brutality of power electronics, but also brings something new to the table. "Operation" and "Covert" showcase two 30 minute slabs of static hnw decay. The flesh of bodies being burned beyond recognition by unrelenting soldiers. Charred, blown out, burning heaps of rubble- bombs exploding, flame-throwers torching everything in sight.

This is a fucking battle field. Are you prepared for war?